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Those who like beautiful staircase railings and magnificent gates will be delighted to see that the noble profession of “Artistic Blacksmith” still exists, and that this art, thanks to technical progress, has been able to renew itself with regard to its traditions.


One of the demands for a beautiful work of artistic forging is a perfect harmony of the lines and forms, within rigourous proportions.

By the original works presented in the galleries (left), Grande Forge marks a new stage in the art of artistic forgings, and confirms its vocation for top-level craftmanship.

For more information on these superb and exclusive products, or to view the complete catalogue, please contact us.

The "GRANDE FORGE" company, based in France, uses traditional materials and methods to produce beautiful artistic forgings.

Grande Forge comprises a highly qualified team of professionals: Blacksmiths, polishers, patinaters, varnishers, producing components in forged iron and brass.

Grande Forge is the biggest company of its kind in the world, with representation in 20 countries. The Wrought Iron Factory is proud to be their appointed South African representative.

Please click here to visit the Grande Forge website.

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