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Elegance, Style, Quality - The essence of your environment.

Our collection of traditional and modern wrought iron beds will add character to any bedroom.

For your convenience, these hand-crafted beds can now be purchased on-line, in the size and colour of your choice.

Click on any image below to see a larger version.

All of the pictures below are of Queen-size beds.

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Cromwell Bayswater Tamara

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About the Beds

Our Wrought Iron Beds are hand-made by experienced craftsmen. They are built to last, and we’d like to think that they will be handed down from generation to generation.

The Beds are finished using a non-toxic, eco-friendly paint, which has a 7-year warranty (please let us know if you require details about the extent of this warranty).

A bed has three components:

The Headboard

The Headboard can be purchased as a free-standing unit, although in this form it will need to lean against the wall behind the bed.

The Footboard

The Footboard can only be purchased together with a Headboard. It is delivered with steel bars which are used to join it to the Headboard.

The Base

If your mattress already has a base set underneath it, then you do not need to buy a base from us. However, if you only have a mattress, then you will need a Base. The Base comprises steel bars which slot into the Headboard and Footboard, with either wooden or aluminium slats placed diagonally between the steel bars. These slats form the support base for the mattress.


NO TOOLS are required to assemble these beds.

Each bed is hand-made to order, usually taking around 5 working days from date of order to completion, depending on the current factory workload.

The finished bed is then “flat-packed” and shipped via road freight. Delivery willl usually take place between 1 and 3 days after the bed has left the factory.

The costs of shipping / delivery are calculated at checkout.




Dark grey

Light grey

Colours shown here are an approximation. The colours will vary depending on the display characteristics of your screen.

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